The Most Expensive College?

The most expensive college? The one you DO NOT graduate from!

Only 48.5% of students graduate from the first college they attend. Nationally 33% will transfer. Others simply never complete a degree. Think about that for a second. 48.5%. It is a pretty horrid success rate, not to mention a colossal waste of time and money.

Why the poor success rates? Far too many begin the college search too late – often waiting until senior year. Happy accidents do occur, but frequently a late start results in poor colleges choices – bad matches. Assessing good match (fit) colleges takes time and effort and cannot be done by simply reviewing college rankings list.

On way to mitigate the cost of higher education is to start early. Starting late does not leave enough time to properly research, analyze and carefully consider which colleges are good matches.

Top Reasons NOT to Choose a College

  1. It’s ranked in the Top 20
  2. You’re only interested in the cheapest schools
  3. You’re too busy. You will apply to several senior year and just pick one that admits you.
  4. You toured and the Gals/Guys are good looking
  5. They sent you a brochure
  6. It will make my “insert anyone but you“ happy
  7. Aunt Mabel’s an Alumnus so “it’s perfect for you”
  8. Mom or Dad’s an Alumnus
  9. The Football team is good. It must be a good school!
  10. It’s 1,500 miles from home!
  11. Its only 50 miles from home!
  12. Because friends, boyfriend/girlfriend are going there.

When only 48.5% of students graduate from the first college they attend, one simple fact rings true – the most expensive college is the one you don’t graduate from. Families who work with a college admissions expert significantly increase these odds and student’s often graduate from 1st choice schools in 4 years or less.