College Planning Benefits

Why work with Jeff? Personalized service

38 minutes = The average time HS counselors can spend with students on college planning (National Association of College Admission Counseling).

I develop your customized college-planning program, designed to maximize your daughter/son’s admissions profile and take as much time as necessary.

Flexible meeting options for busy schedules (Weekday, Weeknight, Weekend, Face-to-Face, Video Conferencing, etc.).

Family friendly payment plans to fit any budget.

College Matchmaking

52% = Student who graduate from the 1st college they attend**.

Why? Poor Planning = Uniformed Choices

We take the time necessary to research, evaluate, and dissect schools. The result = a customized college list matching academic strengths, talents, and interests matched to your academic, social, and financial needs.

Northern Michigan University

Return on Your Educational Investment

The Cost of Attendance (COA) averages for the 2019-2020* academic year:

4-Year Public In-State = $26,590

4-Year Public Out-of-State = $42,970

4-Year Private = $53,980

Unhappily, too many students end up at the wrong school for all the wrong reasons – often leaving sometime during freshman or sophomore year.

Much of COA can never be recovered.

An investment in college planning pays for itself by avoiding costly enrollment mistakes.

Expert Advice/Peace of Mind

30+ years of experience as a college administrator.

I utilize my extensive network of higher education contacts to match your needs to good fit schools.

An unbiased third party can reduce the stress and anxiety many families experience during this journey.

Via objective opinions, I remove the emotional factors and completely analyze the facts that really matter.

The reality is that 80% of colleges admit the majority of those who apply. With 4,500+ options, I am confident I will guide you to good match colleges – often colleges you would have never considered.

My Goal: Your College Graduation

I don’t believe our relationship ends once you accept an offer of admission. I focus on the end game – college graduation.

I will continue working with you through your graduation from college.

My aim is your graduation from your 1st-choice school.

*The College Board – Trends in College Pricing 2019

**The National Student Clearinghouse – Research Center