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College Planning Benefits

College Planning Benefits:

Personalized Service:

  • 54% of counselors report their high school counseling department spends less than 20 percent of their time on college readiness, selection, and applications (National Association of College Admission Counseling).

  • I develop a customized college-planning program, designed to maximize each college bound student’s admissions profile – and take as much time as necessary.

  • Flexibility to choose a plan to meet your needs. Flexible meeting options for busy schedules – Weekday, Weeknight, Weekend, Face-to-Face, Video Conferencing, etc.

  • Budget Friendly Payment Plans

Return on Your Educational Investment:

  • An investment in college planning pays for itself by aiming to avoid costly enrollment mistakes.

  • The average Cost of Attendance (COA) 2016-2017¹ academic year:

    • Public In State = $24,610

    • Private Non-Profit = $49,320

  • Unhappily, too many students end up at the wrong school for all the wrong reasons – often leaving sometime during freshman or sophomore year. Much of COA can never be recovered. 

  • Life happens, but in general statistics and research tell us there is a direct correlation between being at a “good match” school and your retention and ultimate graduation from that school.

Expert Advice/Piece of Mind:

  • 30+ years experience as a college administrator

  • An unbiased third party can reduce the stress and anxiety many families experience during this journey. 

  • Via objective opinions, I remove the emotional factors and completely analyze the facts that really matter.

  • The reality is that 80% of colleges admit the majority of those who apply. With 4,500+ options, I am confident I will guide you to good match colleges – often colleges you would have never considered

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