Outcome ABC’s

A) Results. For the incoming classes of 2016 through 2018, 95% of the college-bound students, I worked with were admitted to their 1st choice school. I have assisted thousands of students, as a collegiate Registrar, Director of Student Services, Academic Advising Director and now as an
Educational Consultant. Being admitted to your 1st choice is great, but…

B) Being admitted to college is only half the battle…
I don’t believe the college planning relationship ends once you have accepted an offer of admission. Utilizing my student service experiences, I focus on the endgame – graduation from college – advising you through graduation with a focused plan to graduate in 4 years or less. My goal is a 100% graduation rate from 1st choice schools.

C) Quick Facts.

  • It currently takes students 5.1 academic years to graduate from college¹
  • 4.8 academic years from four-year private schools
  • 5.2 academic years from four-year public schools
  • Each additional year of college at a public institution costs $22,826 for tuition (in-state), room, board, and fees plus an additional $45,327 in lost wages bringing the total to $68,153² using 2014 rates
  • Debt increases by nearly 70% for students who borrow to attend colleges for two additional years
  • 64% of all bachelors degree earners attended more than one institution before finishing²
  • 25% of freshmen don’t return for their sophomore year.
  • Four-Year Graduation Rates (students who started Fall 2010):³
  • Public colleges and universities = 39.6%
  • Nonprofit private colleges and universities = 59.5%
2017 Washington University in St. Louis Graduation

¹ National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, Signature Report, December 4, 2016

² Complete College America Four Year Myth, December 4, 2014

³ National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, Snapshot Report, March 13, 2017