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Good Matches. 95% of students I worked with were accepted to their first choice school as first-time freshman for Fall 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 academic terms.

Retention. Of the students I worked with who were first-time freshman during this time, 97% returned for their sophomore year to the school where they initially enrolled. 

Unhappy fact. Only 48.5%¹ of students graduate from the first college they attend, often leaving sometime during freshman or sophomore year. Yes, you read that correctly, less than 1 in 2 students.

Time is $$.  A poor initial college choice or uninformed decisions mean greater time to and money spent on a degree (if persisting to graduation at all).

I focus on maximizing your educational investment and aim to increase your odds of graduating from a first choice college by concentrating on the Successful College Admission Planning Equation”:

Good Match (FIT) = Happy & Engaged Student = Retention = Graduation (and generally in 4 yrs or less)

Via assessment, evaluation, focused research, and objective advice, together we will identify and develop your customized college list.

Each school will match your individual academic strengths, talents, and interests. Good match (fit) schools will meet your needs in three (3) key areasacademically, socially, and financially.

Life happens but in general statistics and research tells us there is a direct correlation between choosing a “good match” school and your retention and ultimate graduation from that school.  

Jeff Bria

College admissions expert guiding your admission to and graduation from “good match” colleges

To increase your odds of graduating in four years and save $$ on the overall cost of a college degree, read about my services or contact me to schedule your complimentary one-hour consultation.

¹National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

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