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College Planning

Welcome to the Goal is Graduation.  My name is Jeff Bria.  After working for 25+ years as a college administrator, I have turned my attention to guiding students admission to and graduation from college.


I don’t believe the college planning relationship ends once you have accepted an offer of admission.

Assessing good match colleges is one half of the equation – 48.5% of students graduate from the first institution they attend¹. Once enrolled many barriers exist that impact time to graduation – 4.7 years is now the average time it takes a student to graduate¹.

Time is $$.  A poor initial college choice or uninformed decisions while enrolled mean greater time to and money spent on a degree.  My aims:  

1) Help students avoid costly mistakes and graduate with as little debt as feasible

2) Guide students to good match colleges with a plan to graduate in four years or less

3) Make college planning inclusive and affordable for families

To increase your odds of graduating in four years and save money on the cost of a college education read more about my college planning services or contact me for a free no obligation consultation.


¹National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

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