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About My Students

Great Matches

95% of my students are accepted to their first choice school

Good Fits

95% of my students return sophomore year to the school where they initially enrolled

Graduate on Time

Nationally, only 52% of students graduate from the first college they attend

My students graduate from first-choice schools often in four years or less

Save Money

Avoid costly enrollment mistakes

Utilize non-traditional cost saving strategies

Identify financial safety schools

Increase scholarship offers

Create Your Own Rankings

Through mentored research, my students develop their own customized college list

Each school matches academic strengths, talents and interests to fit academic, social and financial needs

My Services

My goal is a 100% graduation rate from 1st choice schools

I have assisted 1000’s of students

Let me use my 30+ years working as a collegiate Registrar, Director of Student Services, Academic Advising Director and as an Educational Consultant to help you find the right college(s) and guide you though college graduation

Work with Me

To increase your odds of graduating in four years and save money on the overall cost of a college degree, review my services and contact me to schedule your complimentary one-hour consultation.