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Specialized College Planning Packages

No two college planning journeys are alike. I offer the flexibility to choose a package that meets your needs – from stand alone to comprehensive options. Regardless of the path you take, I keep you focused on the “Successful College Admission Planning Equation”:

Good Match (Fit) = Happy & Engaged Student = Retention = Graduation (and generally in 4 yrs. or less)



Specialized (Stand Alone) Packages:

Specialized packages are recommended to students who have a good understanding and head start on the college planning process but still need help in a specific area.

1. College Matchmaking – My Initial College List

You have 4,500+ schools to choose from – one size does not fit all. How do I choose:

  • Know thyself. Student and parent evaluation, assessment and surveys.
  • Understanding the Importance of Fit – socially, academically, and financially.
  • Understanding myths & realities – How colleges make decisions.
  • College research tools and training tutorials. Intro to CollegePlannerPro. Ongoing research guidance.
  • Building and following a college prep curriculum.
  • Developing “MY” preliminary customized list of good match colleges.
  • Pre-junior year curriculum assessment and advisement.
  • Exploring admission trends and impacts on admission probability.
  • Tests – PLAN, PSAT, ACT, SAT – which and when to take. How to prepare. Test optional schools.
  • Special talent considerations – artistic, athletic, musical, theatrical, etc. – impact on choice of school (if applicable).

2. College Essays and Applications

Your final application list should include a healthy mix of safety, financial safety, target, and reach schools. Creating this list and applying well is a strategic process encompassing many (if not all) of the topics below:

  • My Demonstrated Interest Strategy.
  • College fairs, campus visits and tours, information sessions – how to prepare and what you should learn.
  • Campus and alumni Interviews – how to prepare and what you should learn.
  • College Matchmaking – My Final Customized College List
    • Finalizing your priorities & aligning them to good match colleges.
    • Finalizing your college application list to Safety, Financial Safety, Target and Reach schools.
    • Assessment of admission probability.
    • Pro and cons of applying – early decision, early action, restricted early action, etc. (financial impacts).
  • FAFSA, CSS profile, and other financial aid application preparation and assistance.
  • Constructing and strengthening and extracurricular activities resume. What colleges look for. Quality vs. quantity.
  • Junior and Senior year curriculum assessment and advisement – aligned to good match schools and admission criteria.
  • Time management – meeting admission, financial aid and scholarship deadlines.
  • Applying well – application(s), writing good essays, letters of recommendation, etc.
    • Essay brainstorming, development, ongoing editing support during application process with a personalized timeline, advice on recommendations and resume development.
  • Special talent considerations – artistic, athletic, musical, theatrical, etc. – impact on applications (if applicable).
  • I’ve been admitted – How do I choose. Making a decision by May 1.
  • My Campus Involvement Strategy
  • Gap year recommendations and assistance (if applicable).

3. College Affordability

An investment in college planning will save you time and $$. How do I reduce my costs. How will I pay:

  • Understanding College Costs – myths and realities.
  • Understanding Financial Aid, Expected Family Contribution (EFC), and Net Price Calculators (NPC).
  • Analyzing Retention and Graduation Rates – Correlation to Overall Education Costs.
  • Identifying hidden education costs for each college on your application list.
  • Identifying non-traditional cost savings strategies.
  • Identifying financial safety schools. College affordability review.
  • Strategic use of dual credit programs (AP, IB, PSEO, CIS) to reduce time to college graduation.
  • Customized Degree Audits – Your plan to graduate in 4 years or less – Rule of 120/126 graduation plans.
  • Strategic Scholarship strategy w/essay brainstorming, development, & ongoing editing support.
  • Career research – exploring the link between earning potential and debt management.
  • Customized Education budget – 4 Year Financial Model – Forecasting My Net Out of Pocket Expenses.
  • Analyzing and Comparing Financial Aid Awards. Financial Aid appeal strategy (if appropriate).
  • Special talent considerations – artistic, athletic, musical, theatrical, etc. – impact on funding (if applicable).

4. Senior Year Condensed

Waited until senior year to begin this process? This package includes many of the services outlined in the Comprehensive Lite package but in a condensed timeframe and targeted to those services necessary to develop your final application list and assist with specific financial and application aspects related to your college search.

5. College Special Talent (Athletics, Musical, Theatrical, Artistic, etc.)

One key to the finding the right schools is matching your needs in three (3) key areas: academically, socially, and financially. If you intend to pursue a special interest in college it adds a 4th key area to the equation. This package is ideal for students needing extra assistance choosing schools that are a Good Match for their special talent  – be it artistic, athletic, musical, theatrical, etc. 


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