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Middle School – High School Prep

 I know what your thinking. Pre-high school. Really?

Time to Plan

Really. I am frequently asked, “When should we start the college planning process?” My answer. It’s never too early. One of the most popular college admission planning workshops I do is designed for 6th through 8th grade parents.

The middle school years are the best years to begin preparation for college. Why?

Depending on your goals and admissions selectivity – Courses Taken (academic rigor), Grades, Test Scores, Extracurricular Activities, Community Involvement, Your Savings are factors which can impact where a student can be admitted.

Middle School – High School Prep Package Services:

   * Establishing a college-planning timetable.
   * Understanding college myths & realities and how colleges make admissions decisions.
   * Setting academic and extracurricular priorities.
            > Extracurricular, community, faith-based, volunteer, leadership athletic, artistic, etc. involvement.
   * Developing good study habits and tackling tough courses.
   * Pre-planning a high school curriculum.
   * Understanding College Costs.  Financing a college education.  Savings plans.
   * Informal college visits.
   * Career exploration and the link to college majors.
   * 4,500+ choices. Intro to the variety and types colleges – one size does not fit all.


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