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College Planning Services

Many students and families find the college planning experience challenging, overwhelming and frustrating.  They find themselves at a loss to properly evaluate options and make informed decisions.


When & Where to start?  What information can I trust?  Where can I be admitted?  How can I pay?  Where will I fit in?  Will my credits transfer?  What courses should I be taking in high school?  Should I apply early decision, early action, or regular admission?  Will…

Don’t let college planning stress you out.  All you need is a plan and a good strategic approach.  Let me use my 20+ years working in higher education to help guide you to good match schools –often schools you might have never heard of or considered – with a plan to graduate in four years.

The flexibility to choose a package that meets your needs – from stand alone to bundled to comprehensive options:

Time to PlanPre-High School
High School
The College Years
College Transfer
Businesses and Organizations                


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