Many students and families find the college admission planning experience challenging, overwhelming and frustrating. They find themselves at a loss to properly evaluate options and make informed decisions.

When & where to start? What information can I trust? Where can I be admitted? How can I pay? Where will I fit in? Will my credits transfer? What courses should I be taking in high school? Should I apply early decision, early action, or regular admission? Will…

Don’t let college planning stress you out. All you need is a plan and a good strategic approach. Let me use my higher education expertise to help guide you to Good Match schools – often schools you might have never heard of or considered with a plan to graduate in four years or less.

Comprehensive College Planning Packages:

The following packages are designed for college bound students seeking assistance with every aspect of the college planning process (click on each for additional information). 

Comprehensive Lite (through college admission)
Comprehensive (though college graduation)

Specialized (Stand Alone) College Planning Packages:

Specialized packages are recommended for college bound students who have a good understanding and head start on the college planning process but still need help in a specific area (click on each for additional information). 

Middle School – High School Prep
College Transfer
College Matchmaking – Initial College List (My Choices)
College Special Talent (Athletic, Musical, Theatrical, etc.)
College Essays and Applications (My Strategic Application Strategy)
College Affordability (My Financial Strategy)
Senior Year Condensed
The College Years

College Admissions

Washington University St. Louis

I use my experience (30+ years as a collegiate student services administrator) and insights to connect what I know about individual colleges and universities to your family’s needs – academically, socially & financially.

By maintaining an extensive network of contacts (and forging new relationships) with admissions and financial aid officers, deans & directors, visiting campuses, and studying the collegiate landscape, I have extensive, first-hand knowledge of colleges and programs big or small, public or private, 2 year or 4 year, liberal arts, research, university, or special focus around the country.

When only 48.5%¹ of students graduate from the first college they attend, one simple truth rings true – the wrong choice costs TIME & $$.

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¹National Student Clearinghouse Research Center
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