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38 minutes = the average time high school guidance counselors spend with students discussing college admissions (U.S. Department of Education).   I maximize each college-bound students admission profile and I take as much time as necessary.  


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Good match colleges and universities exist for everyone. Through assessment and evaluation of personal preferences (student and parents) we will develop a customized college list.  Each school will match a college bound students academic strengths, talents and interests, as well as meet their needs academically, socially, and financially.


No two college planning journeys are alike.  Regardless of the path you take, I keep you focused on a successful college planning equation:

Good Match (Fit) = Happy & Engaged Student = Personal Growth & Retention = Graduation 




High School Packages

Assessment & Evaluation Package

Featured Services:

    * Know thyself. Student & parent evaluation, assessment and surveys.
    * Understanding the importance of fit.
    * College research tools and training tutorial. Intro to CollegePlannerPro.
    * Building and following a solid college prep curriculum.
    * Constructing an extracurricular activities resume. What colleges look for. Quality vs. quantity.
    * The college search – building a preliminary list of good match colleges.
    * Pre-junior year curriculum assessment and advisement.
    * Tests – PLAN and PSAT – which and when to take, How to prepare, Test optional schools.
    * Special talent considerations – artistic, athletic, musical, theatrical, etc. (if applicable.

Financing a College Education Package

Featured Services:

    * Financial Aid 101.
    * Understanding and identifying hidden education costs.
    * Non-traditional cost saving strategies.
    * How to identify financial safety schools.
    * Strategic use of AP, IB, PSEO, CIS to reduce time to college graduation.
    * Scholarships – myths and realities, research tutorial, personal search strategy.
    * Career research – the link between earning potential and debt management.
    * College budgeting – a four-year plan.

Junior/Senior Years Package

Featured Services:

     Junior Year – Time to Get Serious…
          * Are you prepared – assessing your reasons for going.
          * College fairs, campus visits & tours, information sessions – how to prepare and what you should learn.
          * Campus and alumni interviews – how to prepare.
           * ACT & SAT – which and when to take, How to prepare, Test optional schools.
           * College Matchmaking:
                 * Aligning a 11college prep curriculum to admission criteria.
                 * Defining your priorities and aligning them to good match colleges.
                 * Narrowing your college list to Safety, Financial Safety, Target and Reach schools.
           * Financial Aid application preparation. College affordability review.
           * Exploring admission trends and impacts1 on admission probability.
           * Strengthening your activities/experience profile.

    Senior Year – Where the Rubber Hits the Road…
           * Pros and cons of applying – early decision, early action, restricted early action, etc.
           * Importance of avoiding Senioritis.
           * Senior year curriculum assessment and advisement.
           * Time management – meeting admission, financial aid, and scholarship deadlines.
           * Keys to and creation of final customized good match college list.
           * Applying well – application(s), writing good essays, letters of recommendation, etc.
           * I’ve been admitted – How to I choose. Making a decision by May 1.
           * Revisiting Financial Aid – comparing awards, appeals, & recommendations.
           * Gap year recommendations & assistance (if applicable).



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