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The College Years

You’ve been admitted and are enrolled. Congratulations! You have cleared the first hurdle on this journey.


New Freshman Convocation – Washington University in St. Louis

Today the typical student takes  5.1 years to graduate.¹ Many students get to college and struggle the first year and/or fail to understand academic rules and processes causing extended enrollment beyond four years. The result = more $$ spent and time to complete a degree. 

Unlike most college planning professionals who focus solely on admission, I continue to guide you around, over and through roadblocks preventing graduation in 4 years.  I leverage my 30+ years as a student service insider offering tips and advisement to make the college years a success – with a focus on creating a plan to graduate in four years or less.

The College Years Package Services:

  • Strategies for a smooth first year transition
  • Academic advising for course selection, majors & minors, internships, research opportunities, etc.
  • Course scheduling & sequencing and degree audit advising – your ultimate graduation guide
  • Strategic use of Rule 120/126 tuition banding cost reduction strategies
  • Understanding academic processes – academic calendars, drop/add and withdrawal, changing majors, etc.
  • Financial Mgmt in College – financial aid, budgeting, debt mgmt, scholarships, hidden cost savings, etc.
  • Time management strategies.
  • Graduate or professional school research, matching  & admissions advisement.


¹National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

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