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I partner with organizations with family and civic centric missions where I believe a college planning partnership will be beneficial for the entity and its constituents.  Offering college admissions assistance as a value added benefit or at a discount is an emerging trend.


The savvy organization will benefit by:

* Advancing college admissions literacy and constituents futures.
* Engendering loyalty by offering a unique value added service.
* Differentiation in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
* Enhancing your mission and standing in the communities you serve.

From seminars to individual counseling sessions to employee discounts, I customize a college planning program to meet your needs.  A short list of requested topics have included:

* College Admission Planning: Don’t Wait Until Junior Year
* Financial Aid 101
* Hidden College Cost Saving Strategies
* Scholarship Searches – Finding $$ for College
* College Planning 101: Intro to Colleges & College Research Strategies
* Pre-High School College Planning


Contact me to learn how a partnership program will benefit the organization and advance your mission.


Sample Curriculum for Charter School               Sample Employee Lunch Workshops

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